Hello, we are Indigo Design & Development and our approach is simple:

We listen to our clients, we understand their needs and we solve problems. Whether the project involves product-, signage- or brand-design, our approach is to intuitively integrate these different disciplines to come to an optimal solution.



We value good concepts, creative thinking as well as proper engineering.

PT Indigo was founded in 1998 as a foreign investment company in Jakarta. Initially Indigo designed, developed and managed the production of new products, primarily aimed at the export market, in cooperation with several local industries. In 2004 we ventured out into signage and graphic design. Nowadays we are specialised in Signage. Our history allows us to combine the knowledge of multiple disciplines (graphic-, and product-design and engineering) in order to achieve holistic solutions for your projects.

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Our Clients:

Agung Sedayu Group
Alam Bali International
Arzu Utama Realty
Brahmayasa Bahtera (Astra & Hongkong Land)
Bumi Parama Wisesa (Sinarmas Land & Hongkong Land)
Ciputra group
Droog Design
FKS Land
FKS Multi Agro
Gudang Garam Group
HT Land
Karya Purna Sejahtera (Bogor Senior Hospital)
Lippo Group
Merdeka Ronov Indonesia
MNC Group
Nassim JV Company Ltd (Sonkim & Hongkong Land)
Nusa Kirana real Estate
Office 2000
Otoritas Jasa Keuangan
Pakuwon Group
Plaza Indonesia Realty
Sinarmas Land
Sundaya International
Tempo Group
Trimitra Kencana
Yasser Rizky